Key Lime Pie & Blackwater King TWAX

A connoisseur blend of oil and flower. Our TWAX joints are available in 1.5 gram King size and .5 gram Slim size.

TWAX Joints – It begins with properly cured and ground premium cannabis flower to ensure the proper burn. Then it gets coated in one of our award-winning concentrates.

Flower – The Key Lime Pie strain is a potent Indica dominant 75/25 that is as tasty as it sounds! A gourmet phenotype of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain, selected for its heavy crystal trichome production and Indica characteristics.

The Key Lime Pie buds have a minty chocolate, sour citrus, lime aroma with a complex flavor profile that’s a minty, candy-like flavor with a smoky chocolate lime aftertaste. Don’t let the sweet taste fool you because Key Lime Pie packs a seriously potent punch.

Oil – Blackwater is an Indica dominant strain (90/10) that is a cross of the fruity NorCal Mendocino Purp and the San Fernando Valley OG strains.

The Experience:
A beautiful orange marmalade color concentrate with a pungent aroma of jet fuel, sugar, and sweet berries. Situated comfortably in the living room I have an enail set to 485°F and a dab slightly bigger than two matchheads ready to go. Dropping the dab on the nail an intense taste of fuel mixed together with the flavors of berries and cream bombard my taste buds. Once ingested effects at first are subtle, my eyelids have become heavier, my mind has become calm and centered, anxious thoughts are pushed out by ideas of eating leftover birthday cake, my achy lower back is numb and as time goes on I’m noticing that all of my physical self is slowly becoming that way. This one creeps with all of the above mentioned effects intensifying over time having said that I feel that this can be used for day or evening applications.

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