The Ripper Vaporizer battery body in the color silver

Rugged Zinc Alloy Shell

Won’t Crush in your pocket

The Ripper Vaporizer battery body in the color black

Titanium Heating Coil

530° Constant Temperature Controller

The Ripper Vaporizer in the color pink from Emerald Family Farms

Proprietary Airflow Design

Massive Cloud Rips

Experience a vape pen like never before.

Every feature of The Ripper was designed to distinguish and simultaneously improve upon the inherent flaws of conventional cartridges.

An ergonomically shaped Zinc Alloy body with rubber coated base provides a level of comfort and reinforces structural integrity.

Massive Cloud Rips

Airflow enters the bottom of the atomizer, flowing then in a U-shape to reduce condensation, eliminate overflow and deliver Massive Cloud Rips!

The Ripper vape features graphic

530° Constant Temp Controller

Titanium Heating Coil

Slim 2 Atomizer

1100 Milliamp Battery

Battery Level Indicator Lights

Vaping Indicator Lights

Zinc Alloy Shell

Proprietary Airflow Design 

Food Grade Poly Carbonate Mouthpiece

 Constantly Controlled 530° Titanium Coil
+ Proprietary Airflow Design
= Instant Massive Cloud Rips!
Just one toke and you’ll know…   You need The Ripper!
Ripper vaporizer

The Ripper Cartridges

THC Concentrates

Twax Joints

Cannabis Flower

Pre-roll Joints

Pre-roll Joint Packs

Ayurvedic Tinctures

Mama Lou's CBD Flower