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Orange Godfather is an Indica dominant 70/30 cross of Orange Creamsicle and Godfather Kush. A strain that’s known for its high potency and knockout indica effects.

The Experience:
Opening the jar I spy a light amber colored concentrate that smells like sugar and spice and everything gas, sending a wave of excitement across the brain when I smell it. I have an e-nail set to 490°F, collecting a dab the size of two match heads on the end of my stick I drop it in the bowl. Inhaling deeply I find the flavor isn’t much different from the smell, in the foreground diesel and sugar, in the background spice and hints of grape.

For the 2nd dab I set the e-nail to 505°F and at this slightly higher temperature, I notice the flavor has changed to an almost banana and brown sugar.

The effects are sudden and powerful, the eyes recline in they’re socket and my mind becomes calm, introspective and focused. Letting a few minutes pass I now feel the effects becoming more intense, to the point of things taking on a psychedelic feel, light splotches of color appear and disappear on the wall like phosphine images that appear behind your eyelids when you rub them. Also, my physical form is very relaxed, in two dabs I have completely dissolved all of the pain my body collected in the last 14 hours.

Color: Light Amber
Texture: Crystalized Honey
Smell: Sugar, Spice, and Gas
Taste: A diesel and sugar taste up front and spice with notes of orange in the background.
Effects: Strong, immediately grabs your attention by relaxing and almost numbing the body while putting the mind in a calm, introspective, and focused state. Definitely save this one for the end of the day when all important tasks are completed.

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