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Boss OG

Boss OG is a heavy hitting hybrid (50/50) phenotype of OG Kush that shares similarities with Fire OG. Users describe the Boss OG high as having an instant creative uplifting sense of motivation and determination that lasts for hours.

The Experience:
A beautiful amber color comes with this Boss OG extract along with a fragrance of sugar, berries, and OG kush. Settling down with my enail set to 485°F on a lovely Sunday afternoon I drop a dab down the size of a popcorn kernel on the nail and… the flavors of sugar, gas, pine, and OG kush drift across my palate. I instantly felt happier and energized, helping to unlock the inner laughing Buddha that resides in all of us. Thoughts of going for a hike and enjoying this beautiful land now inter my mind. Great for daytime applications.

Appearance: Brilliant tawny amber
Texture: Jelly
Aroma: Sugar with notes of berries and OG kush
Flavor: Sugar, gas, pine, with a classic OG kush flavor for the finish
Effect: The effects of this concentrate left me feeling happy, energized, and creative. In my opinion this is a great extract for daytime applications.

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